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Excel Solutions for Finance

Are you a manager or director with hugely diminished bandwidth capacity? Are many of your frustrations down to slow systems and poor reporting management so you cannot get the headlines you need ?

If so, by working with me, you get access to over 20 years of solutions focussed experience in resolving a vast range of management reporting issues.

You will save thousands in staff costs for EACH staff member – and get your key metrics quicker and with greater accuracy. Plus you will get focussed advice to increase profits. Your servers will need far less overhead, saving you even more time and money.

Your cost savings and productivity gains are all delivered in a fun and professional working environment.

During the last 20 years, I’ve been providing accounting services to over 30 carefully selected private and public companies, as well as sole traders and partnerships. Company sizes have ranged between £100,000 and £100 million turnover businesses.  And in the corporate world, I’ve worked in many organizations, up to and including the FTSE #1 Oil Company and a Global IT Security business.

MISSION: My micro niche is Excel - and by working solidly on your Excel portfolio I guarantee I can hugely increase both personal productivity and team productivity. In working with you and your data we can come up with new ways to enhance operations - sometimes just one small tweak to the input side can give huge leverages on the output side. If I can increase your profits by 10 percent in the next six months, what would that be worth to you? If you want to leverage your Excel configuration and enhance your modelling contact me today.

APPROACH: Our first consultation will be a fact finding exercise. I'm sure I can help you, and if not, I will tell you so. Does that sound fair to you? For a full overview of my approach and services, take a look at the services section below.

NEWS: I'm just finalising my first book, Taming The Excel Beast and you can get extracts from it by signing up here:

At the moment I am excited at being able to select the business clients that I want to work with. My approach is unique and it is not for everybody. Respond to my contact request and tell me a bit more about yourself and how we can work together in a systematic way.

SPORTING LIFE: Away from the office, I am a keen tennis player. When I face my biggest crises in the office, I often ask myself how Paul the Tennis Player would deal with a similar situation on the tennis court. The answers were always insightful and more often than not would lend themselves to solving the situation in the office.


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